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Oxytokin by Synergistic Nutritional Compounds

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Oxytokin has been the best-selling wrinkle cream for close to five years. This peptide-packed formula is guaranteed to help you look years younger. Oxytokin is the most affordable and powerful wrinkle cream available!

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Eyesential is a wrinkle reduction formula that is available for purchase mainly in Europe. This product has been engineered to give you the maximum under eye enhancement possible and to help you eliminate fine lines, bagginess and dark circles. Eyesential is a skin care products that advertises itself as the “beauty secret of the stars.” Amongst some of the celebrities it claims as clientele are actors such as George Clooney. George Clooney is a good-looking man but we are surprised that Eyesential refers to him over a star more celebrated for their youthful appearance.

Price: 39.95 Euros

Our issue with Eyesential is quite simple. Eyesential does not provide potentials clients with any valid information in regard to their product and its blend. Boasting of celebrity customers is all well and good, if not entirely original, but without an ingredient roster or any clinical studies to substantiate these claims we are left with nothing be promises that don’t seem to ring true. It is never a good sign for any company to avoid giving out their ingredient list. Remember, this is a product that will be absorbed by your skin and will have some effect on your body. You deserve to know what chemicals or potential toxins you may be exposing yourself to. There are only two reasons for keeping this information secret and they are either Eyesential thinks something in their product might scare you off or they know their ingredients are subpar and will not give you any results. We do not recommend the purchase or use of Eyesential, no matter what George Clooney uses.

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