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Menopause wrinkles

            Many women going through menopause or peri-menopause symptoms have been turning to hormone treatments for years.  Most of it has been used to reduce mood swings, night sweats, etc.  But what if hormone therapy could actually prevent wrinkles?  Most haven’t thought about this benefit.

            According to the Yale School of Medicine report of August 2005 in Fertility and Sterility Journal, those who underwent long term hormone therapy earlier in menopause actually suffered fewer wrinkles and less skin rigidity in later years.  Hugh S Taylor MD states that “these benefits were seen in women who had consistently used hormone therapy and been in menopause for at least five years.”  Unfortunately, it will not reduce wrinkles that are already there.  But it will prevent more wrinkles from developing.

            So how did they come to this conclusion?  Taylor and co authors compared 11 women without hormone therapy to 9 who had used long term hormonal therapy.  All women were similar in age, race, sun exposure, sunscreen use, tobacco use, and skin type.  But 11 facial locations were compared.  A plastic surgeon who had no knowledge of which women were which compared all 11 facial locations as well as skin elasticity.  And as stated above, they found that those with long term hormone therapy actually suffered less wrinkles and less skin rigidity.

            Taylor explains this by the fact that the skin often mirrors other organs in the body.  For example if the liver is not functioning correctly, the skin can actually turn yellow because the body develops jaundice.  Likewise, eating too many carrots can turn the skin an orange color and so on. 

            Hormone therapy is controversial for some, because though there are benefits such as fewer mood swings and less wrinkle development.  So it is important to consult your doctor before participating in any hormone therapy regiment.  But for those who find it is appropriate for their personal situation, it can help to reduce the risk of developing further wrinkles.

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