#1 Recommended Wrinkle Cream of 2015

Oxytokin by Synergistic Nutritional Compounds

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Oxytokin has been the best-selling wrinkle cream for close to five years. This peptide-packed formula is guaranteed to help you look years younger. Oxytokin is the most affordable and powerful wrinkle cream available!

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UNT Instant Wrinkle Lift

UNT Instant Wrinkle LiftMake fine lines and wrinkles a thing of the past. UNT Instant Wrinkle Lift offers you the chance to turn your sagging, lifeless skin into youthful radiance with their 60 second facelift. Using patented and proven ingredients, UNT Instant Wrinkle Lift claims they can give you all the benefits of a full facelift without the hassle of surgery.

Find out if UNT Instant Wrinkle Lift can really provide you with everything you need to keep your face looking years younger or if they will leave you high and dry.

The “Magical” Formula

UNT Instant Wrinkle Lift is made with 4 patented and proven ingredients that help to reverse the aging process. These four ingredients; GABA, Gamma-Polyglumatic Acid, Soy Protein Phthalate, and Hyaluronic Acid work together to release muscle tension, tighten and strengthen sagging skin, hydrate and increase skin elasticity.

These ingredients, proven to work individually, have however not been tested as a combined formula.

Pros of UNT Instant Wrinkle Lift

There are many positives of UNT Instant Wrinkle Lift, starting with the ingredient list. These ingredients, as mentioned above, have been proven to work to reduce the effects of aging when tested separately.

The price of this product is only $19.99 and shipping is available worldwide, making it easily accessible and reasonably priced.

There have been no reported side-effects of UNT Instant Wrinkle Cream other than those associated with allergic reactions.

Cons of UNT Instant Wrinkle Lift

There have been no clinical trials performed on the formula when mixed together as a whole.

Consumers have highly mixed reviews about the product. Some find it very effective, while others say that it doesn’t work at all.

Those who did find that the product worked for them say that the effects of the face lift only last for about 4 hours and then it must be reapplied.

Use it or Lose it?

We would recommend losing this product. The price and accessibility are a plus, but if the product does happen to work for you, the effects aren’t long lasting. We believe there are other products on the market that can offer you a better bang for your buck.

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